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Olympic Drug Testing Squabble

Saturday, December 6th, 2008

Going into the last round of the Olympics, it looked like the Ukraine was sitting pretty. They were playing the much lower rated United States team and a victory would give them the Olympic championship title (Gold). A draw would give them second (Silver) and a 1:3 loss would give them third (Bronze).

But the US team crushed them, winning 3-1/2:1/2.

After Ivanchuk, playing board one, lost to Kamsky (game given in prior post), he left the hall extremely upset. Here’s one account of his behavior:

"I was standing outside the playing hall, alongside New Zealand delegate Bob Gibbons, and witnessed Ivanchuk kick a large concrete pillar, then bang his fists on the food service counter a couple of times, before storming past where we were standing, into the cloak room area of the venue, all the time being followed by a couple of officials." (Source here.)

Ivanchuk had been randomly selected to take a drug test after the game, but he refused, either because he was so upset at losing the game or because of some other currently unknown reason.

The rules of the Olympics are that if someone refuses to take a drug test, the results of the entire team are canceled. This was not done at the time, but it appears that it could be done retroactively.

For more details on the controversy, see The “Doping Affair” in Dresden.

For another point of view and details on an earlier drug test ruling, see Drug Testing – redux.

Chess Olympics

Monday, December 1st, 2008

The World Chess Olympics finished November 25th, with the Armenians winning the Men’s Title, their second Olympic championship win in as many years. Israel was second and the United States was third.

The Women’s Olympic title was won by Georgia on tiebreaks over the Ukraine.

The official Chess Olympic site with further details is here.