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NMSU Student State Chess Co-Champion

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

NMSU graduate student Lior Lapid is the 2008 New Mexico State Chess Co-Champion. Lapid shares the title with James Wilson. A total of 86 players competed in the tournament, held November 1-2 in Albuquerque, with 31 competing in the highest section for the state championship. The official USCF crosstable is available here. The New Mexico Chess Organization report is available here.

In an interview in the Las Cruces Sun-News, Lapid said he’d decided to take a couple of years off from the game to focus on his academic life, but as time passed, he realized chess was just too much to live without:

“I tend to be a psychological player. Calculations is one of the weakest parts of my game. Chess is not pure mathematics. I find the creativity of the game as what inspires me.”

Lior Lapid - NM Chess Co-Champion
Lior Lapid, NM Chess Champion, Las Cruces Sun-News photo by Norm Dettlaff.

Lapid suggests the following tips for better play.

  • Always have some reason in mind while playing.
  • Maximize your favorable imbalances and minimize unfavorable imbalances.
  • Develop your pieces, control your center, then castle.
  • Make sure you play in keeping with the demands of the position.
  • Be aware of pawn structure and pawn weaknesses.